About Us

The BioProcessing Network - Chromatography Columns

The BioProcessing Network is a not-for-profit association of scientists, engineers, students and others interested in fostering and advancing the knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of the biotechnology industry.

These technical aspects range from fermentation, downstream processing, formulation, filling, facility design and construction through to clinical trials and regulatory issues. The BioProcessing Network aims to create the forum for the active discussion and dissemination of all of these issues as they relate to the biotechnology industry.

The BPN also has a role in up-skilling the industry with regard to biotechnology and bioprocessing by providing a forum where members can interact and discuss the issues that are important to them and their company. This includes, up-scaling from lab bench to reactor, controlling biological processes, laboratory design, GMP and other regulatory requirements and the many other issues faced by the industry on a daily basis.

The BioProcessing Network provides a great opportunity to meet with professionals that share your interests in the biotechnology industry. We encourage you to actively participate in the Network by proposing new events, activities or topics for discussion, supporting the planned events, and encouraging others to join the Network and participate.

BPN Organizing Committee

  • Geoff Dumsday (CSIRO Manufacturing) – President
  • Joseph Bertolini (CSL Biotherapies) – Vice President
  • Neil Goss (Further Options) – Treasurer
  • Birgit Unterweger (CSL Behring) – Secretary
  • Steve Mahler (University of Queensland) – Conference Coordinator
  • Sara Ladd (CSL Limited) – Website and Communications
  • Masuda Nabi (In Vitro Technologies) – Social Media
  • Lou Fabri (CSL Behring) – Victoria Coordinators
  • Andy Herbert (Bioboy Ltd) – New Zealand Coordinator
  • Jessica Heinemann (University of Queensland) – Queensland Coordinator
  • Jon Ince (GE Healthcare) – New South Wales Coordinator
  • Munish Puri (Flinders University) – South Australia Coordinator